Product Training (Start-Up)

The Quickstart Guide to Ultra Soap Products

This course is designed to get you familiar with Ultra Soap products, how we communicate at Ultra Soap and the basic fundamentals of getting your business off the ground. The approximate time you should spend in this course is 5-10 days. This course will be the starting point for all new distributors including Master Distributors, Sub Distributors. It is a great course to have all staff complete. After the completion of the is course you will be quizzed on the various products and other internal information as it relates to your experience with Ultra Soap International.

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Ultra Soap International
Ultra Soap International

Ultra Soap International creates world-class, sustainable, and biodegradable concentrated cleaning products packaged in reusable and recyclable containers. We create Ultra Professional™ commercial products and Ultra Fresh™, Ultra Clean™, Ultra Clear™, and Ultra Originals™ consumer goods with high tech formulas comparable to the highest quality products available anywhere. We use the best, most efficient, and earth-friendly ingredients available. All of our products are made in the United States. We thrive on perpetually improving our products with ever more sustainable options that are healthier for your family and your home environment.

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